What is Learning and Experience Technology?

The following is an involved student’s own shorthand explanation of this line of education:

  • Learning and Experience Technology is a line of education centered around the use of modern technology with a focus on user design and programming for innovative, educational or otherwise useful purposes. This has involved anything between webdesign, databases, games, robots and apps. We have learnt stuff like Java, Javascript, C#, MongoDB, node.js, HTML, CSS, PHP, and how to implement them in frameworks like Unity and HTML5, and have gotten a broad theoretical understanding of Virtual- and Augmented Reality and related theorems of Human Robot Interactions, designing for affordances, and team and group project dynamics like Scrum and Agile Development.

While that might paint some of the picture, here is provided an excerpt from the SDU education’s Master’s graduate diploma describing the Learning and Experience Technology programme:

  • Learning and Experience Technology is a multi-disciplinary engineering programme. The programme enables students to develop:
    • intelligent systems for experiences and play, including robotics,
    • intelligent educational aids,
    • intelligent systems for rehabilitation and therapy,
    • software with special focus on user interaction,
    • computer games,
    • web based, multi-platform applications.

Further info on the education can be found at SDU’s official website: Link