GunGlove – 4th Semester Project

Student project focused on wearable technology.

The purpose of the project was to develop a working prototype of a device based upon the concept of “wearables” – wearable technology. The functionality of the device was left up to individual student teams, but the use of Arduino hardware was encouraged.

The prototype for Gun Glove was a right-hand, cloth glove attached with three sensors, a buzzer, and an Arduino Lilypad microboard. A flex-sensor attached to the glove’s middle finger would detected when the wearer would ball up their fingers. A pressure sensor attached to the side of the index finger knuckle would detect pressure from the wearer’s thumb when making a finger-gun motion, whereupon the buzzer would sound a gunshot. After six shots, the glove would need to be reloaded by striking a secondary pressure sensor on the side of the little finger knuckle. A small game developed in Processing used the glove as a controller for its spaceship’s ability to shoot.


  • Anders Jensen
  • Rasmus Jensen
  • Jacob Lohse Hansen
  • Julia Højgaard Rasmussen