Deep Dreams – 8th & 9th Semester Project

Student project for developing products pertaining to social technology.

The purpose of the project was to develop a product based upon social technology aspects, wherein theoretical basis would create grounds for physical or digital development of a prototype. There were no strict limitations in regards to the project.

The product was a game prototype called Deep Dreams programmed in Unity, which focused on flow theory by utilizing randomly generated stage layouts built through modular level segments. User testing was conducted in order to test the difficulty of the individual segments, in order to determine how balanced the game’s difficulty would end up.

Later, Deep Dreams was utilized in a separate student project with focus on dynamic difficulty adjustment, where the game would alter its own difficulty based upon the player’s progress through the game. If they were doing well, the game would get progressively harder, while players experiencing failure would be given easier level layouts.



  • Anders Jensen
  • Rasmus Jensen
  • Jacob Lohse Hansen
  • Julia Højgaard Rasmussen (Early Development)