Beacon Babies – 7th Semester Project

Student project focused on iBeacon technology for a children’s entertainment tablet application.

Based upon previous experience with iBeacon technology, this project focused on the use of a children’s entertainment tablet application interacting with the presence of a physical toy. The application would provide feedback based upon the distance between the toy and the tablet.

The product of this project was that of a tablet application simulating an animated virtual pet, which was designed based upon a stuffed toy pumpkin, wherein an iBeacon transmitter had been placed. The virtual pet would only appear upon the tablet interface when within a short distance of the stuffed toy, and its size would be proportional to the shortness of this distance. The product was tested at a local daycare, from which it was concluded that the technology was usable but not comprehensive to the project’s target audience.


  • Anders Jensen
  • Rasmus Jensen
  • Jacob Lohse Hansen
  • Julia Højgaard Rasmussen